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Enrichment programme

At CBPP we enrich our daily programme by offering additional teaching in the following areas: music (wriggle and Rhyme) where children are able to enjoy the expertise of a music teacher, listening and language which covers for example, phonemic awareness and language development (Liz Aspeling) drama (Doo Wop Drama) and physical exercise (Game changers) which is an exercise programme that focuses on shoulder girdle, core muscles development and a general love of exercise.


These classes are taught either in the hall next door or in the classrooms In order to enable more personalised teaching to take place. Most of the classes are divided in half with the class teacher /assistant teacher teaching the other half at the same time.

Listening & Language

The 4-5 yr and 5-6 yr groups enjoy the expertise of a literacy and language specialist Liz Aspeling once a week for 30 minutes. Her teaching maxim is this “If I have fun teaching, the children ought to have fun learning!” Liz works alongside the class teacher providing a valuable opportunity for the class teacher to observe her learners while they interact with her. This enables them to better prepare the children for formal education in mainstream schools.

She focuses on:

1. Listening skills (focus of attention & following verbal instructions)

2. Auditory perceptual training (phonemic awareness has been proven to enhance the Learner’s ability to read proficiently.

3. Receptive and expressive language skills. (Children are encouraged to think creatively, problem solve and offer explanations about the material)

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Doo Wop Drama

Doo-Wop Drama, owned & taught by a London-trained Speech & Drama teacher, has a child-centred ethos of great performance in life, not necessarily the stage! It builds personal confidence, clear communication, independent thinking and strong social skills. It develops sound EQ (Emotional Quotient) which psychologists identified in the 1990s as vital to personal success & particularly vital to the tender, developing child. This program is for the 3-4 year olds.

Listening & Language

Providing a range of learning opportunities which support the development of each individual child.

Art Class

Game Changers

Game Changers is a high energy, fun-filled, action-packed half hour with Coach Sam. Using a wide variety of games and activities Game Changers encourages healthy body-awareness and self-esteem to grow confident kids. The activities are designed to develop general physical fitness, core strength, agility, focus and co-ordination. Various challenges help with balance, laterality, crossing the midline, motor planning and muscle tone: all of which help to develop the childrens’ core and shoulder girdle muscles. Half the class attends Game Changers at a time to ensure that each child is given the maximum opportunity to take part and benefit from the programme. Although the primary focus is on the physical development of the children Sam believes that the greatest takeaway is instilling a belief in each child that anything is possible. All children are celebrated for not being afraid to try something new and persevering to master it: an invaluable mindset to carry through life!

Game Changers
Wriggle & Rhyme CBPP

Wriggle & Rhyme 

Wriggle and Rhyme is a music programme designed to harness the power of music as a catalyst for learning and development in children.  Classes take place once a week and are 30 minutes long.  The classes follow a different theme each term and are packed with learning activities set to music, so the classes are packed with original songs as well as orchestral music.  The programme was written by W&R Founder, Kirsty Savides and classes are taught by experienced teacher, Heather Gordon.


Movement and dramatic expression helps to build the children’s motor skills and self-confidence.  Singing builds auditory, language and vocabulary skills. Listening to multiple instructions, recalling and following them helps with auditory processing.  Playing together in a little band with sets of percussion instruments builds team work and social skills.  Thinking about how our actions and reactions affect those around us builds emotional intelligence.  All of this, whilst introducing the children to foundational musical concepts such as tempo, timbre, notation and dynamics

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